Arcobaleno AEX130 Chiara - PASTA DIE Scialatielli Width mm. 4 WITH INSERTS MADE IN Bronze and Teflon

Inserts material
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Pasta die for Short pasta extruder Arcobaleno model AEX130 Chiara

shape Scialatiello Width 4, outside diameter mm. 139, thickness mm. 40, with inserts made in Bronze and Teflon, new from the workshop.

All shapes that can be made with pasta extruders are visible on our new website, take a look!

Scialatelli [?ala?t?lli] (also known as scialatielli [?ala?tj?lli], sciliatielli [?ilja?tj?lli] and scivatieddi [?iva?tj?ddi]) is a short, thick pasta with a rectangular cross section and an almost straight but slightly irregular, slightly curvy shape. It is typical of modern Campanian cuisine, having originated on the Amalfi coast as a chef's specialty, but it has also spread in nearby regions such as Calabria and Basilicata (respectively, in the area of Catanzaro and Potenza).  

Arcobaleno is an U.S. reseller that rebrands pasta machines made by other companies;

for example the ravioli machine Arcobaleno ARS160 is nothing else than the ravioli machine Capitani RS160. In the same way, the Arcobaleno extruder AEX90M is just the Sandoré MX60 extruder, and so on. Send an email to with the photo of your pasta machine; we'll tell you immediately who is the real manufacturer of the pasta machine you own !

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Data sheet

Pasta shape dimension
Larghezza mm. 4
Outside diameter of the die
mm. 139
Die thickness
mm. 40
Machine model
Arcobaleno AEX130 Chiara

Specific References

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