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Tie-rod for shapes 2, 5 and 17 Ravioli-cappelletti machine Dominioni Punto & Pasta D140

Item description
Machine's manufacturer / Brand: 
Dominioni Punto & Pasta
Machine Type (Tax): 
Ravioli-cappelletti machine
Modello della macchina: 
Products family: 
Filling pistons
Product name: 
Tie-rod for shapes 2, 5 and 17
Machine's manufacturer reference #: 
Item's image: 
Video : 
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Total lenght: 
Raw material: 
Stainless steel AISI 304 - X5CrNi1810 UNI 6900-71
SKU: 39.03.0042 en
Show price: 
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Weight: 0 kg
Dimensions: 0 mm × 0 mm × 0 mm

Tie-rod for shapes 2, 5 and 17

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